Uniform Dress Code

Clyde Erwin Elementary Magnet School's Dress Code for Students

Shirts and Blouses: White or navy blue, collared, button or snap front shirts and blouses with short or long sleeves are required. They must remain completely tucked in at all times.

Pants, Slacks, Shorts, Skirts, Jumpers: Tan (khaki) or navy blue pants, shorts, skirts or jumpers are required. They must reach the tip of the longest finger of your hand when extended at your sides. The top of any slit may come no higher than the longest finger of your hand when extended at your sides. Overalls mat NOT be worn.

Belts: Solid brown, black or navy blue belts with non-decorative buckles are required.

Socks: White socks are required. Females may substitute natural-colored hose.

Shoes: Solid navy blue, dark brown, black non-athletic shoes or tennis shoes are required. They must have closed toes and heels. NO skateboard shoes or shoes with heels exceeding two inches are allowed. Shoelaces MUST remain tied and match the color of the shoe.

Additional Restrictions: Outerwear, other than sweaters, may not be worn in the building. Headwear may not be worn. Blue jeans and denim are not allowed. Clothing must NOT have any visible logos unless it is an approved CEEM / CEEM team logo. All pants MUST be worn around the waist. Sagging will NOT be tolerated.